Secondary Education Centre


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Who Are We?

Arrendell Secondary Education Centre is an association of qualified and experienced teachers who are passionate about helping students achieve personal excellence.
Caroline We focus on building confident and competent learners who are empowered to achieve their best. We support children's achievement within the school system but our work is also inspired by our view to promoting their on-going accademic, personal and professional excellence.
This involves a focus on helping each individual student, in our care to develop:

On top of this we also focus on developing positive habits that underline long term success.

How we help our students

Our Focus on Excellence

The Teachers who are selected to be part of our association at Arrendell Secondary Education Centre are dedicated, enthusiastic and highly skilled.
They are prepared to commit to their students - to share their skills and insight, to go the extra mile, to inspire and to strive for high levels of achievement.
Our teachers are creative in developing strategies to help students overcome obstacles and achieve success.

We have a collegiate atmosphere at Arrendell where teachers share ideas. Experienced teachers are available to mentor new teachers who are just out of University who in turn share their knowledge derived from exposure to recent developments in education. If a teacher encounters difficulties in helping a particular student, they are encouraged to discuss the issues with other teachers on the team.
We all work together to help our students achieve their personal best.


We are very proud of the teachers we choose to work with Arrendell Secondary Education Centre. Our teachers are experienced, qualified, insightful, committed to excellence and enjoy teaching.
Our teachers remain up to date with the new syllabus and will always go the extra mile for a student in need.

Matching the students to the right teachers

Mr Kirk

There are more than 20 teachers on our team who are available to work with students. They have a range of personal styles and teaching strengths. A key element of a student's success is an inspiring teacher.
The relationship between teacher and student as well as the match of needs and skill set is a key factor behind the HSC success of our students.

Focusing on developing independent learners

From primary school on, we focus on empowering students and helping them to develop independent learning habits. We do this within the class by using questioning techniques and discussion. We expect students to think for themselves and to develop personal research skills as part of solving problems.

We provide a positive, supportive and affirming environment. We know that failures and approximations are steps along the way to achieving enthusiasm and confidence. These of course are prerequisites of the hard work required to achieve excellence.

The 'Pathway to Excellence' Strategy

Students with the potential to achieve outstanding results are placed with appropriate teachers and included in 'Master-Mind' groups which will help them develop the habits of thought and work that will bring them results in the long term.
We explain to students that 'first in the class at all cost' is not a long term game plan; assessment is just feedback that tells you how to focus for the next step.
We believe that helping students to develop a thorough grounding, a broad background knowledge and solid skills is essential in equipping students for long term achievement.

Top level achievers are able to think laterally and to place ideas in a global context. This approach needs to be accompanied by thorough painstaking preparation. We help students understand this process and to develop their own most effective thnking and learning habits.
This approach has been tested over time and has born fruit for our students reflected in their High Achievers results in the HSC and in their long term academic and professional success.

Instruction and Practice in Exam Strategies

Many students naively believe that "exams test what you know" - this is true to some extent of course, but exams also test specific skills which have little to do with course knowledge. For this reason, we instruct students in examination strategies and provide opportunities for practice sessions and feedback before major school exams.
Students have an opportunity to apply their knowledge of examination strategies in a context similar to school but with a more relaxed environment.

We find that specifically teaching examination techniques has positive benefits for the whole range of students who come to Arrendell. They are especially useful in empowering gifted students to showcase their best efforts.