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Testimonials for Arrendell Secondary Education Centre

I regularly recommend Arrendell, Scott St one of course! I attended Arrendell when I was a teenager and found the way the teacher patiently explained things to me was very helpful and helped me feel confident about both my Advanced maths and Related content.

In fact I enjoyed coming to tutoring, especially with the nice homely feel the centre has. My daughter who is 16 yrs old, has attended Arrendell at different times up until now and it has reignited her enthusiasm and confidence each time. She has really connected with the three different teachers that she has had over the years. Many thanks to such a well operated service,

Kim Talbot
Bachelor of Education Early Childhood, Special Education Associate Diploma in Welfare Work

Choosing Arrendell is one of the best decisions we have ever made for our daughter. She is achieving the academic results we always knew she was capable of, but more importantly she now believes in herself and her ability to succeed.

Thanks to her tutors who took the time and care to understand her personality and individual needs, she is now an enthusiastic student who looks forward to a good HSC result.

Jan and John

I am extremely happy with the teaching quality and dedication of staff at Arrendell Secondary Education Centre. I have two children who have been attending the centre for a total of 7 years and have found Lynley and all the staff to be really helpful, friendly and always ready to make every effort to ensure that they perform at their academic best.

The classes my children attend have significantly contributed to their academic success and provided them with increased confidence at school. I highly recommend Arrendell Secondary Education Centre to other parents and to students who are seeking assistance to reinforce their school learning.


Arrendell has reinforced the learning concepts in a focussed fashion as per the needs of the boys. This individual attention has resulted in the children gaining higher grades and improved their self esteem.

We can not thank enough for the dedication, support and continuous encouragement provided by Ms Lynley Brennan and the team at Arrendell for their tireless efforts and enthusiasm shown in providing the right platform for the boys to reach their maximum potential.

It has been a pleasant journey with Arrendell as the first boy is now doing Medicine and already published a iPhone App. We thank Arrendell from the bottom of our hearts for success in the HSC results and beyond.

Iyer Family

Our Daughter Rewati was very very happy with Arrendell's English Tuition for her HSC in 2013. She definitely benefitted by the teachings at Arrendell.

She feels she owes her success in English to these tuitions. Judi has been really very helpful and encouraging and definitely made Rewati feel very comfortable with English .The online help and suggestions were prompt and always to the point.

Gauri Deshpande

Our daughter has been going to Arrendell for the past six years. Arrendell has been like a second home to her. She has received excellent guidance and support from the team in her studies and assignments.

The staff and teachers at Arrendell are very committed and the best in their field. What makes Arrendell stand apart as compared to other tutoring classes is that they tailor their teaching to suit the individual’s needs and style.

We will highly recommend Arrendell to anyone looking to excel in their studies.

Vipula & Heman Janu

Arrendell is a unique educational institution, that provides a satisfying balance between fun and spontaneity and a high degree of academic guidance and support that you can trust.

Parents can drop their kids off at Arrendell and have no qualms that their child is getting a premium education. Lynley especially and the other teachers not only provide students with the recipe for success to ensure that they are achieving to their highest potential at school, but also ensure that the student has a strong and complementary foundation to assist them in their future studies.

I highly recommend Arrendell and Lynley to all potential students thinking of seeking tuition here.

Milonee Shah