Secondary Education Centre


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Our Values

Tutoring At Arrendell Secondary Education Centre our focus is on helping the student as a whole person to develop the skills, insights and values which will promote their academic excellence as well as their best possible contribution to their community and family.

Our strategy is to develop children’s confidence, to build up their areas of strength and to help them identify and improve their areas of weakness. We also teach skills which underpin academic achievement such as study skills, essay writing and exam techniques.

We work closely with parents advising them how best to support their child’s individual learning requirements and their work at school.

Our aim is to support the student within the school and to develop their independent learning skills. In this context, it is important to point out that we encourage respect for teachers at school. We focus on developing healthy, independent attitudes and habits and also a cooperative approach to learning and achievement.

Our teaching community includes a variety of specialist teachers and this is reflected in the range of students who seek help at Arrendell.

During the July and October school holidays, we run workshops, many of which are specifically geared towards helping students prepare for their HSC exams and their school trial HSC. These are taught by experienced senior teachers who are mostly HSC markers.

Attitude and Value System

At Arrendell Seconadry Education Centre we value and respect the individual person; this is reflected in our support of students, parents and teachers. We look for and reward the positives and create an atmosphere that nurtures creativity and independent learning.
There is always support and encouragement and we strive for both professional and personal excellence by going that extra mile.
We promote "Personal Best" as a goal for each student and encourage caring and insightful approach to others and the world around us.


At Arrendell we have a welcoming, student friendly, casual atmosphere. It is a safe environment that promotes and displays mutual respect between teacher and student. Students come in and people smile, know their names and are glad to see them. Our receptionists are great at ensuring that everyone feels welcome and that they are cared for and safe while they wait for their parents.

Reading Room


The teachers and administrative staff at Arrendell Secondary Education Centre are our key resources. As well as that we have a library of English texts, a borrowing library and a DVD library for the use of students and teachers.
We also offer up to date documents such as: